IATA Commends ANSPs, Advocates Seamless African Sky

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IATA – The International Air Transport Association states that it appreciates air navigation service providers’ roles in keeping the skies safe.

Mr. Alexandre de Juniac, IATA Director General and Chief Executive Officer states this recently at the Global Air Traffic Management Summit of the Civil Air Navigation Service Organisation (CANSO).

Mr. de Juniac notes in particular that “In Africa, we’re advocating for a Seamless African Sky that will drive enhancements in safety and the efficiency of flight operations through a collaborative decision-making approach.”

Also, Angela Gittens, Director General of ACI, emphasised that the reliable and effective transmission of data is crucial to improving operational efficiency, particularly collaborative decision making (CDM) between airports, airlines and ANSPs.

A major concern for airports was the impact of aviation noise on local communities and she was pleased that CANSO and ACI were currently working on a joint publication on managing noise.

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While paying tribute to the professionalism and dedication of all the men and women who work on the front line and behind the scenes to ensure air navigation services are safe, Mr. de Juniac stresses that airlines’ expectations of CANSO members are extremely high.

He explains that in addition to safety, airlines have three key expectations of ANSPs including efficient service, sufficient capacity, and greater openness and consultation.

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He says that airlines need efficient, reliable and cost-effective air traffic management and urges the quick implementation of Space Based ADS-B.

He adds that capacity provision is perhaps a great concern. “We already have a problem coping efficiently with today’s demand. So there is a huge amount of work to do as we prepare for an expected doubling of demand for air transport over the next two decades,” noting that flexibility and adaptability of ANSPs will be core to managing this increase.

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Furthermore, he says airlines and air traffic managers are partners in the business. “For sure we do work together today. But my members tell me that they want to work even more closely with ANSPs. They want even greater transparency, more meaningful consultation and deeper dialogue,” he notes.


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