Ethiopian Statement On Preliminary Report Of Accident On ET 302

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Ethiopian Airlines Aviation Group has acknowledged the preliminary report of the accident of ET 302/10 March, 2019. The airline also appreciated the hard work of the investigation team.

According to Ethiopian Airlines, the preliminary report clearly showed that the Pilots who commanded Flight ET 302/10 March followed the Boeing recommended and FAA approved emergency procedures to handle the most difficult emergency situation created on the airplane.

“Despite their hard work and full compliance with the emergency procedures, it was very unfortunate that they could not recover the airplane from the persistence of nose diving. As the investigation continues with more detailed analysis, as usual we will continue with our full cooperation with the investigation team,” the airline states.

Mr. Tewolde GebreMariam, Ethiopian Airlines Group CEO, said: “All of us at Ethiopian Airlines are still going through deep mourning for the loss of our loved ones and we would like to express our deep sympathy and condolences for the families, relatives and friends of the victims. Meanwhile; we are very proud of our pilots’ compliances to follow the emergency procedures and high level of professional performances in such extremely difficult situations.”

Mr. GebreMariam thanked the airline’s valued customers, the travelling public, the media and Global aviation professionals for the remarkably high level of vote of confidences and strong support it has received starting from the day of the tragic accident. “We will double our efforts every single day to win your confidence and earn your business. Your Safety will remain our top most priority and we will continue to work together with our partners around the world to make air travel safer and more comfortable,” he assured.

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  1. As the indegines of Africa we continue to mourne and stand in solidarity with our examplary Big Brother the Ethiopian Airlines Group. And of course we continue to offer our condolences to the friend and relatives of the deceased passengers and crew.

    Let me begin by saluting the Honorable CEO Tewolde GebreMariam and his entire leadership for escalating the standards of training, safety and excellency at a time when your detractors were trying to cast a shadow of doubt in the aftermath of the flight ET 302. But those of us who have flown through Bola International Airport on board the Ethiopian Airlines never questioned the culture of Excellency we have experienced in Addis Ababa.

    I would also like to commend the French Air Accident Investigations company BEA for a free and fair analysis and report which shows no fear or favor. Many at times the American NTSB would blame the pilots, maintenance crew, natural elements or another cause except the Boeing Aircrafts. We know that they do that because the do not have inspectors to test and approve new technologies that have been developed and incorporated into the Aircrafts.
    For the fear of being exposed for their short fall the NTSB will always rely on the report of the Boeing Inspectors. As such their reports always say the pilots were wrong. Of course they do this to allay the concerns of their clients and Shareholders. So it is as Prof. Nahum Chomsky says “Profit over People”.

    Looking into the future, continue to care for us as your clients, we believe in you and we will always fly the hospitable Ethiopian Airlines.

    Best wishes!

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