Kenya Airways Signs Codeshare Agreement with Air Austral

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Kenya Airways and Air Austral have signed a codeshare agreement that will give customers more travel options and increase connectivity between Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. The agreement which takes effect from 29th October 2022 means access to a wider range of destinations for both airlines guests beyond their hubs i.e. Nairobi for Kenya Airways, and Saint-Denis, Reunion Island for Air Austral.


Through this partnership, passengers from Kenya Airways will be able to access on a single ticket, Air Austral hub in Saint Denis de La Ré union and onward destinations while Air Austral Passengers will now be able to access Kenya Airways Hub in Nairobi, Kenya through their connecting flights in Antananarivo in Madagascar, Mauritius and Johannesburg in South Africa.


Through Kenya Airways Nairobi Hub, passengers from Air Austral will have seamless connections to the wider Kenya Airways network including Lagos, Dar es Salaam, Entebbe in Africa and Paris, London and Amsterdam in Europe as well as New York’s JFK International airport.


“Air Austral is delighted with this partnership which opens new bridges between Africa and the Indian Ocean via our hubs, Nairobi, and Reunion Island Roland Garros Airport. The partnership attests to our determination to step up our offering and, therefore, extend Reunion Island’s influence on the international stage”, Joseph Bréma, Air Austral CEO.


The code share allows customers to benefit from a single fare and a single ticket for their entire trip on these code-share routes. They will also be able to check in with their baggage from their departure city through to their arrival at their destination.


Kenya Airways Chief Commercial and Customer Officer, Julius Thairu said “This partnership offers us an opportunity to provide our guests with access to more destinations in the Indian Ocean Islands and opens up our country for tourism opportunities from visitors coming from the Islands. This is aligned with our commitment to provide greater connectivity, market access to our customers and growth through our partners.”

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