National Aviation Services (NAS) Supports Gender Diversity through IATA’s 25by2025 Initiative

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National Aviation Services (NAS) has signed IATA’s 25by2025 gender diversity initiative. 25by2025 is a voluntary initiative for aviation to improve female representation in the industry. The campaign is an initial step to making the aviation industry more gender balanced.

Rabah Bu Hamdan, Group Chief Human Resources Officer for NAS said, :“With employees from more than 65 nationalities, diversity and inclusion are an important part of our corporate culture. A diverse and inclusive workplace accelerates a company’s growth with a blend of cultures, ideas and points of view while empowering employees to do their best. In the last few years, we have endeavored to increase the number of women employees across our network reaching 20% of our total employee base. Our management team is made up of 19% women. By joining IATA’s 25by2025, we look forward to continuing these efforts and growing the participation of women not only at NAS but also within the aviation industry in general.”

NAS said by pledging its support, it joins over 80 aviation related companies in committing to increase female representation in senior roles and in areas where women are traditionally under-represented by 25%, or up to a minimum of 25% by 2025.

NAS said it will also report annually on key diversity metrics and increase female nominations from their airlines for IATA governance roles to a minimum of 25% while working with IATA to increase the number of women appointed to IATA governance roles to a minimum of 25%.

Anton Grove, Vice President People Performance & Development at IATA highlighted:“I welcome NAS’s commitment to push for a greater gender balance in the industry through IATA’s 25by2025 initiative. NAS is one of the very first service providers paving the way for a more gender-balanced industry, recognizing the need to take action. NAS’s commitment helps achieve that objective.”

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