Airbus Drives Momentum In Sustainability, Leads Ambitious Moon And Hybrid Energy Research

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  • Builds Global Partnerships, Capabilities For Future Sustainable Energy


By Roland Ohaeri


In an ambitious quest for clean and sustainable energy, Airbus says it is making progress in its research initiatives to explore the benefits of hydrogen, hybrid energy, Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and energy from the moon to power sustainability in future aviation. Airbus’ current preoccupations in this regard are expected to result in a great leap forward for sustainability and space travel.


Mr. Guillaume Faury, the Chief Executive Officer of Airbus, emphasizes the need for the industry and global partners to pull together to expand industry knowledge and capabilities and actually deliver the energy targets of the aviation industry in an innovative way.


Mr. Faure, who spoke at the Second Airbus Summit in Toulouse, France, recently says airplanes need be re-engineered to deliver efficiencies to help aviation meet environmental targets. He says the industry has to make the 2020s a decade of change, commending the industry’s cohesive approach under the leadership of ICAO to accelerate progress towards achieving NetZero targets using the industry’s Long Term Aspirational Goals (LTAGs).


While he reveals Airbus’ commitment to achieve significant environmental efficiencies of its aircraft between 2025 and 2035, he emphasizes that partnerships and collaborations are the bedrock for breakthroughs in sustainability which Airbus is working resolutely to achieve. One of such innovative partnerships is Airbus collaboration with CFMI exploring how to safely store and use hydrogen on-board aircraft.

Airbus intensifies research for cleaner sustainable energy

It is difficult to overstate the scale of the aviation and global energy challenge. As Airbus takes the lead to develop sustainable aviation energy of the future, Mr. Faury beckons on global aviation partners and governments to demonstrate urgent commitment to addressing the environmental crisis through investments, stressing that “the time to act is now”.

Airbus Leads Hydrogen Research

Airbus believes hydrogen holds more outstanding benefits for clean energy as the world is compelled to accelerate the achievement of NetZero targets, and, perhaps, more importantly, Zero emissions. In fact, Airbus is already committed investments in its ‘Power without Emissions’ projects. “Hydrogen fuel cells are the holy grail of aircraft propulsion”, Airbus says, noting that “Airbus is partnering with the experts to take them to the next level.”


Airbus is also pursuing its ZEROe ambition, currently “building a fully working hydrogen fuel cell demonstrator,” which “is on track for testing by the middle of the decade.”

Airbus has equally unveiled a flying laboratory to test decarbonization technologies that improve aircraft efficiency.


Power From The Moon

Unarguably, the most breathtaking innovation Airbus is driving now is a return of astronauts to the moon to explore the moon’s energy potential to power cleaner propulsion. “Orion is continuing its historic mission powered by Airbus. We’re already looking ahead to the “lunar ecosystem”, Airbus states.


Airbus is passionate about leveraging its profound experience and innovative capabilities to weave the foreground for future aircraft programmes and other engagements. Airbus is, in parallel, keeping focus on achieving immediate sustainability wins in the shorter-term.

Airbus Urban Air Mobility

Airbus is committing its innovative capabilities to the future of movement within cities, and has begun the test phases of its Urban Air Mobility (UAM) programme, the City Airbus NextGen. This programme aims to support healthcare delivery through the use of electric vertical take-off and landing (e-VTOL) technology which also ensures environmental sustainability. Christened LifeSaver, the Airbus UAM project will draw essentially from Airbus profound expertise and capabilities of its partners to build the next-level of healthcare delivery and emergency service.

Airbus also recognizes the need for huge investments to develop regulation, physical and digital infrastructure supporting environmental sustainability.


Estonia is already incorporating Airbus LifeSaver as a national initiative, to further expand the deployment of digital services provision in the country that is among the top ten innovator nations in the world. Challenges are always there and a good thing, and innovation comes to life to overcome challenges, says.


Estonia has entered a partnership with Airbus to launch the Airbus LifeSaver programme to serve the healthcare system in Estonia. Estonia prides itself as an innovative nation where robots are already on the Estonian roads. And adding the Airbus city flying car which is powered by e-vtol to improve environmental standards and benefits fits into Estonia’s passion for sustainability and innovation.


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