Turkish Airlines Places Order For 10 Additional A350-900

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Türkiye’s national flag carrier, Turkish Airlines has placed a new order for 10 additional A350-900 aircraft, taking its total for the type to 40 according to Airbus. The aircraft manufacturer says the new agreement is in addition to one announced in August for four A350-900s. The airline already operates a fleet of 14 A350-900s.

Christian Scherer, Airbus Chief Commercial Officer and Head of Airbus International, said, “We are delighted that Turkish Airlines has decided to further enlarge its fleet with the purchase of 10 more A350-900 aircraft.”

Airbus says “At the end of July, the A350 had won over 1,000 orders from leading carriers from around the globe. The A350 is the world’s most modern and efficient widebody aircraft and the long range leader in the 300-410 seater category. Its clean sheet design includes state-of-the-art technologies, aerodynamics, lightweight materials and new engines that together deliver 25 percent advantage in fuel burn, operating costs and CO2 emissions, as well as 50 percent noise footprint reduction compared to previous generation competitor aircraft.”

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