Changi Airport’s health safety standards receive international recognition with renewal of ACI Health Accreditation

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ACI introduced the Airport Health Accreditation Programme in mid-2020 to enable airports across the world to demonstrate that they have established health safety measures in place throughout their facilities and processes. This will enable passengers, airport workers and visitors to have peace of mind when using the airport’s facilities.

Contactless immigration clearance using iris and facial recognition technology.

Among the key items in the accreditation renewal process was how Changi segregated its terminals into different zones to minimise mixing of passengers and staff for improved health safety in both the transit and arrival areas. Based on the zones that airport staff serve in and their interaction levels with passengers, they don different levels of personal protective equipment (PPE).


These stepped-up safety measures added layers to Changi’s existing Covid-19 defences, to keep passengers and visitors safe and to protect airport workers. To-date, Changi is also the only airport in Asia Pacific to be certified under the ACI Health Measures Audit Programme (AHMAP), an external audit developed by ACI World in partnership with Bureau Veritas, a world leader in testing, inspection and certification. It is based on the internationally-recognised SafeGuardTM standards.


Zonal segregation in terminals

Mr Lee Seow Hiang, CEO of Changi Airport Group, said, “Ensuring the health and safety of passengers, airport staff and visitors will always be the top priority for Changi Airport. We commit to work with our airport partners to maintain best practices in hygiene and protective measures. By doing so, we aim to instill a high sense of confidence among passengers and visitors alike. With these efforts, Changi Airport will emerge stronger when air travel eventually resumes.”

Antimicrobial coating sprayed on frequently touched surfaces.

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