Overland Airways Wins Most Consistent Airline Award

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Mrs. Oghenetega Aiyenuro, presenting the Most Consistent Airline Award to Mr. Roland Ohaeri, Editor of Aviation & Allied Business Journal, who represented Overland Airways

Overland Airways, one of Nigeria’s leading airlines, has received the award of the ‘Most Consistent Airline Award’ for its sustained flight services linking Ibadan Airport in Western Nigeria to hub economies such as Lagos which is West Africa’s business capital, and Abuja, Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory.

The award was conferred on the airline by the Management of Ibadan Airport.

Overland Airways has been providing flight services to Ibadan Airport serving Ibadan city and surrounding economies consistently over the past 20 years.

“We receive with immense appreciation, the recent recognition of Overland Airways as the ‘Most Consistent Airline’ by Ibadan Airport Management. Importantly, Ibadan was one of Overland Airways’ first destinations, as the airline started flight services to Ibadan Airport in 2003, thereby further opening up the airport and the economic region.

We are pleased to assure you that Overland Airways is committed to providing consistent, safe and reliable air transport services connecting Ibadan to other hub economies in Nigeria and ultimately in West Africa,” Capt. Edward Boyo, Managing Director of Overland Airways, says.

Mrs. Oghenetega Aiyenuro, the immediate-past Manager of Ibadan Airport, who presented the award to Overland Airways on behalf of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) Ibadan Airport, eulogises Overland Airways for the airline’s commitment to opening up Ibadan Airport.

Mrs. Aiyenuro, who was also retiring from the services of FAAN, received accolades from the Oyo State government and industry colleagues for her professionalism and contributions in airport development in Nigeria, also commends the Oyo State government for its support to the development of Ibadan Airport.

According to her, the Oyo State government provided fire tender, security operational vehicle, protocol lounge, and security gatehouse along runway 22. The government also provided a clinic in the terminal building, and assisted with the grass management in the Airport with provision of tractors. There is also on-going dualization of the Airport Road as well as construction of a Fuel Tank Farm for Aviation fuel at the Airport by the Oyo State government. The State Government also promises to appoint Mrs. Ogenetega as a Consultant for the Ibadan Airport to continue with the relationship already established in carrying out projects.



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