NiMet Signs MoU With Earth Networks

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Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMet) said it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a US-based company, Earth Networks (EN), in the area of network and data services sharing.


According to NiMet, the official signing ceremony took place virtually, and enhances Nigerian Meteorological Agency-NiMet high impact weather forecasting capacity through the utilization of total lightning data and latest forecasting techniques to provide related services to its customers and stakeholders.


Earth Networks (EN) developed a lightning detection and surface weather monitoring technology that detects a large portion of In-cloud (IC) and Cloud to Ground (CG) lightning. EN utilizes data to enhance weather forecast and enable its proprietary products known as dangerous ‘Thunder Storm Alerts’ and pulse raid respectively.


NiMet said the collaboration when fully activated will support the capacity of Nigerian Meteorological Agency-NiMet to further develop its service delivery and offering through working together to deploy EN stations in various locations that will contribute to the Nigerian Total Lightning and Mesoscale AWS Network (NTLMAN) and enable EN forecasting services (ENcast).

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