Astral Aviation To Acquire Two Falcon Drones

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Kenya-based cargo airline Astral Aviation and Dubai-based Falcon Drones Technology FZ-LLC have signed a letter of intent for the airline to acquire two Lucas-F250 drones with an option to purchase an additional 10 in 2019.

The letter of intent states that Astral Aviation will be the exclusive operator of the Lucas F-250 drone in Kenya. The F-250 is an unmanned aerial vehicle with a range extending 1500km, endurance of up to 10 hours, a cruise speed of 150km per hour and maximum speed of 200km per hour. It also benefits from a cargo weight of up to 250 kilograms, capacity for EURO pallet dimensions, folding wings, a folding tail, fully autonomous takeoff and landing and Waypoint Navigation and landing.

Executives from the two parties in a firm handshake

Sanjeev S Gadhia, CEO of Astral Aviation commented: “The Falcon Drones technology is truly ground breaking. At Astral, we are delighted to have secured this order with exclusivity in Kenya. It brings with it the exciting prospect of further expansion in the wider East Africa region.”

“This is a very exciting opportunity for Falcon Drones and we are thrilled to have signed this letter of intent,” said Kamel Alzarka, Chairman and Founder of Falcon Drones. ”We very much look forward to building a strong relationship with Astral Aviation in the coming years.”

Source: Astral Aviation

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