CANSO Welcomes Decisions By States, ICAO To Improve ATM

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The Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO) is pleased with the outcomes of ICAO Thirteenth Air Navigation Conference. CANSO appreciates that States approved its recommendations on enabling investment in Air Traffic Management (ATM) infrastructure; harmonising the approach to standards around the world; adopting a performance-based approach to regulation; embracing new technologies and airspace users; and tackling cyber security.

CANSO Director General, Jeff Poole, says: “We are delighted that States have strongly supported and approved the recommendations in all nine CANSO papers, which address challenges including growing air traffic, new entrants to airspace such as drones, high altitude and space vehicles, and the cyber threat. These decisions will enable the ATM industry to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by a range of new technologies in the years ahead. In particular, we are pleased that States are taking a performance-based approach to regulation – looking at what is to be achieved rather than prescribing how to do it or which specific solutions are to be used.”

Jeff Poole continues: “The decisions made at this Conference will facilitate and provide further impetus to the tremendous improvements in air traffic management that are already happening and which will increase in pace in the coming years. We will now work together with ICAO, States and industry partners to implement the decisions and fully exploit the opportunities they offer and facilitate. CANSO will also play a key role in evolving and ensuring delivery of the ICAO Global Air Navigation Plan and its ICAO Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBUs) and the revised Global Aviation Safety Plan. Effective implementation is crucial, so I am pleased that ICAO has accepted my suggestion to form a small group to ensure that we have a common understanding of what is required, the challenges and opportunities, and how best to speed up implementation across the globe.”

CANSO also recognises that safely implementing the latest technologies, such as automation and artificial intelligence, impacts air traffic control staff. A high level of performance from the humans in the system has never been so important. Adaptation and flexibility are necessary in order to keep ATM safe, efficient and effective at global, regional and national levels. CANSO is therefore developing a Standard of Excellence in Human Performance Management to help ANSPs manage these changes and improve human performance.

“The Thirteenth Air Navigation Conference delivered important decisions for improved ATM that will contribute to global connectivity and the economic and social benefits of aviation. With good cooperation from all stakeholders, these decisions provide a strong foundation for all levels of airspace to be managed safely, effectively and seamlessly for any airspace user and to be able to embrace new technologies and procedures now and in the years to come,” Jeff Poole concludes.

Source: CANSO

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