Air Seychelles And Air Austral To Collaborate On Reconnecting Seychelles and Reunion

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Air Seychelles and Air Austral have formed a “new partnership in the form of an SPA agreement, allowing their respective customers to travel between Seychelles and Reunion on one ticket, effective immediately.” According to Air Seychelles, “this partnership comes after the decision by Air Austral to cancel their nonstop route between Seychelles and Reunion.” Discussions were initiated with Air Seychelles in order to offer continuity of service between the two islands.

Air Seychelles and Air Austral have therefore established “an interline agreement, called ‘SPA’ (Special Prorate Agreement), allowing travel between Seychelles and Reunion via Mauritius and benefiting passengers with more flexible and cost-effective travel options.”

Customers will benefit from a single ticket for their entire journey, with their baggage also checked in to their final destination making it a seamless, worry-free journey.

Joseph Brema, Chairman of the Management Board of Air Austral said: “Air Austral is pleased with this partnership with Air Seychelles. It was important for us to be able to offer an alternative travel to the Seychelles to our passengers. It’s a destination we know is particularly appreciated by the Reunion islanders and which we hope to be able to resume, as soon as the financial and operational situation will allow it, in agreement with our authorities.”

Sandy Benoiton, Chief Executive of Air Seychelles said: “It is a pleasure for Air Seychelles to be able to intervene and offer an alternative bridge between Seychelles and Reunion at a time when it was most needed. We look forward to a long and fruitful cooperation.”

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