Maureva Launches New Office, New Subsidiary

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Maureva, a Mauritius-based specialist software development and service provision company in the air transport sector, continues its global expansion, driven by its business success. The company has announced the establishment of a representative office in Seoul effective February 2019, chaired by the company’s Head of Business Support, Jennifer Tsang, whose mission will be to assist customers in the region of Asia and to boost Maureva’s business growth in that zone.

Jennifer Tsang, Head of Business Support, Maureva, says: “Following a major agreement entered into with the South Korean company Jeju Air, opening a new office in Seoul constitutes a logical continuity that will allow us to effectively address the growing demands of companies in the region and contribute to Maureva’s continued expansion in Asia.”

Maureva also announced the opening of its Canadian subsidiary in Montreal scheduled for the first quarter of 2019. Ravi Kuppadu, Deputy Head of Software Development, will be taking on an expanded role to implement this initiative and promote Maureva in that part of the world, together with his wife Manisha, Help Desk Coordinator at Maureva, who will help him in this endeavour.

Nicolas Boyet,  Director,  Maureva, states: “By setting up new subsidiaries, we can now be fully committed to serving and assisting our customers on a 24 hour basis. Besides, the adoption of the Maureva trademark by the entire group emphasises our commitment to enhancing our global image.”

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