Euroairlines Acquires Cessna 421C, To Begin African Travels

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Euroairlines has “presented its new Cessna 421C Golden Eagle aircraft at Cuatro Vientos Airport in Madrid with which it will reach North Africa.” With a capacity of 6 passengers, the Cessna 421C, designed exclusively for passenger transport, Euroairlines says the new aircraft joins its fleet, “which already includes a Beechcraft Baron G58 with a capacity for four people and a range of more than 2,700 kilometers.” With a twin-engine that can reach 475 km/h top speed and 444 km/h cruise speed. It also boasts a range of more than 2,000 kilometers.

Antonio Lopez Lazaro, CEO of Euroairlines expressed their excitement about the new aircraft, said: “We are excited to introduce our new Cessna 421C, an aircraft that increases our fleet, allows access to new routes and multiplies our offer. With this aircraft, we can offer customized and more efficient flight experiences, reduced price, increased range, payload and complexity.”

The airline says: “The longer range of the Cessna 421C will allow Euroairlines to travel to North Africa for the first time. Specifically, the aircraft will operate routes to Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria.”

With this addition, “Euroairlines strengthens its aerotaxi service, designed to meet the needs of those looking to fly to destinations beyond the reach of regular airlines and without schedule restrictions. The company will now offer service to nearly thirty destinations. In addition to passengers, the aerotaxi service transports goods, animals, and medical isotopes.”

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