Operational Safety: ICAO Rates Five African Countries High On Operational Safety

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The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has appraised Cape Verde, South Africa, Mauritania, Togo and Egypt in terms of civil aviation safety, placing them as the top five countries with standard operational safety in Africa. The Minister of Tourism and Transportation, Cape Verde, Mr. José da Silva Gonçalves made the announcement in a meeting with the president of the board of directors of the Civil Assessment Agency (AAC), Mr. João Monteiro, to discuss ICAO’s safety audit of the country.

The Minister says: “Cape Verde came out with the best scores, surpassing expectations, and it’s one of the five countries in Africa that is at this level, so ICAO will only return to the country for another evaluation in two or three years, given the good result.”

Mr. João Monteiro says: “Cape Verde really had excellent results that would be even better if we had been able to get the National Agency for Accident Prevention and Investigation to work, which will probably go into the next audits.”

“The recommendations are to improve the capacity for intervention and regulation in the civil aviation sector in Africa,” says ICAO’s delegate at the meeting.

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