Cabo Verde Airlines Looks Forward To Restarting Operations

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Following the recent reopening of Cabo Verde borders, the national flag carrier of the country, Cabo Verde Airlines, said the reopening of borders is an exciting first step on the long journey ahead to reinvigorating the tourism industry and the economy of the country.


The airline said it’s looking forward to being an integral part of the journey to recovery, with careful, measured steps to reach the end of the tumultuous expedition, and to reconnect four continents through its hub on Sal Island.


Mr. Erlendur Svavarsson, Cabo Verde Airlines President & CEO, stated: “We acknowledge that the unexpected reopening of the borders is only the first step of the long journey to the revival of travel and tourism and thereby the local economy in Cabo Verde.”


“Regrettably we can also see that most of our major markets and traditionally served segments and groups of passengers still remain inaccessible, as most of those passengers are refraining from booking flights to Cape Verde due to high infection rates, both worldwide and locally, ”Mr. Svavarsson noted


According to Mr. Svavarsson, the borders of other countries remain largely closed to passengers coming from Cabo Verde, regardless of the nationality of those passengers.


The few destinations which currently have open borders, for the most part have very tough entry and quarantine requirements. This means that passenger numbers are projected to remain low until these countries open their borders.


“It is unfortunate that on the same day as the opening of the border is announced, Cabo Verde reports the highest number of Covid-19 cases ever recorded in the country in one day,” Mr. Svavarsson revealed.


This will reduce the incentive for tourists to choose Cabo Verde as their holiday destination. Lowering the number of Covid-19 infections will consequently remain a top priority for everyone on the archipelago. This is an enormous undertaking which will require solidarity and compliance with all pandemic related health measures and infection control, Mr. Svavarsson added.


“Cabo Verde Airlines is making every effort to ensure that we can return to efficient and reliable operations with a difference, as soon as the commercial environment and the pandemic situation have abated. The opening of foreign borders and increased passenger flows will be the key metrics for that decision” he explained.


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