Rwandair, Amadeus Partner For Continuous Growth

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To adopt technology that will allow its customers benefit from improved efficiency, better experience and increased convenience, RwandAir has announced its  partnership with Amadeus, a passenger service solution,

Rwandair explains that the collaboration is in line with its aim of boosting Rwanda as a travel destination. The extended partnership also intends to support RwandAir’s plans of expanding its network and fleet. Yvonne Manzi Makolo, RwandAir CEO, says: “RwandAir is committed to providing an impeccable customer experience that will fuel our continued expansion in the years to come. We look forward to an extended partnership with Amadeus that will provide us with the world class passenger services solution with an upgrade of our reservations, ticketing, departure control, e-commerce, market intelligence and loyalty systems”.

The benefits of using the Amadeus’s Passenger System (Altéa) also extend to Amadeus’ global travel seller network. These travel sellers have the unique advantage of instant visibility to any changes affecting an Altéa airline booking meaning they can better service their customers.

Maher Koubaa, VP META at Amadeus, says: “Customers want to have access to the most convenient and cost-efficient services, which is exactly what Amadeus helps our clients to deliver though our cutting-edge solutions portfolio. Amadeus uses industry insight combined with smart technology to build the technology that empowers airlines, travel agents and their customers alike to streamline processes, boost convenience, build reputation and loyalty, and more. We’re proud that our partnership with RwandAir has grown so that we can continue to contribute to its growth story.”

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