Airlink Continues Operating Its Domestic, Regional Network Amidst COVID-19 Restrictions

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Airlink said it will continue to provide its regular scheduled service across its network of more than 35 destinations to support business, trade, tourism and keep economies functioning while South Africa is under COVID-19 Level 4 restrictions to slow the spread of infections in the country.


At the start of the week, the airline adjusted its schedule of selected Airlink flights so that its customers can comply with the revised curfew with minimal disruption to their travel plans.


Rodger Foster, Chief Executive and Managing Director of Airlink, explained: “We fully support the South African Government’s effort to flatten the infection curb as the safety and well-being of our customers, crew and staff is our priority.  However, together with our service providers, the airports at which Airlink operates, and our customers, we have demonstrated that by applying stringent local and internationally-recommended† hygiene and biosecurity measures, that our flights are safe.”


“At this time when business and economies are fragile, it is crucial that we continue to provide convenient and efficient air connectivity,” Mr. Foster concluded.

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