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The Boeing Company said it has entered a partnership with AviAssist, the reference safety promotion organization in Africa. Air traffic in Africa is expected to grow by 5.2% annually according to Boeing, above the global average growth of 3.8%. This underscores the importance of continued investment in safety and security performance improvements.

“Safety is fundamental to the success of our industry, and is a core value for the Boeing team,” said Akachi Iroezi, Boeing Director, Global Safety and Regulatory Affairs at the signing. “Growth of the aviation industry in Africa depends on the safety of the aviation ecosystem and we are collaborating with customers, regulators and other stakeholders to help strengthen the safety of that ecosystem. Working with AviAssist gives us access to a world-class and effective way of promoting safety in the region.”


“We are thrilled to include Boeing in our work in Africa and our ASPCs”, said Tom Kok, Director of AviAssist. “With this partnership, Boeing invests in current and future African aviation professionals to help grow the continent’s aviation industry.”


Safety promotion will partially be channeled through AviAssist Safety Promotion Centres (ASPCs). ASPCs provide training, learning and research resources to safety champions in Africa and connect research with policymakers and safety professionals. The first ASPC is based in Rwanda. The partnership will also support the Foundation’s trainee program at the University of Rwanda, host of the ASPC-Rwanda, and will help develop the safety exhibits at the ASPC-Rwanda. It will further assist in the production of the third series of AviAssist Focus Sessions, Africa’s free online safety TV show.

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