Raising Africa’s Contributions At ICAO

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Mr. Estanislao Esono Anguesomo is the Permanent Representative of Equatorial Guinea on the ICAO Council. Interestingly, he is the Chairman of the ICO Council’s Aviation Recovery Task Force (CART) spearheading recovery strategies for global aviation industry. In this exclusive interview with Aviation & Allied Business Journal, he discusses Africa’s participation and achievements in key areas including recovery efforts, environment, and safety and liberalization.



Mr. Estanislao Esono Anguesomo is the Permanent Representative of Equatorial Guinea on the ICAO Council

Africa’s Role in the ICAO Council’s Aviation Recovery Task Force (CART)

In the last ten years, Africa’s contribution and visibility within the ICAO Council has been quite evident as well as commendable. Africa continues to be represented as Members of the Council and as CART Chairperson, who’s responsibility is to lead a group of eminent personalities both from the Private and Public Sectors, Industry, Intergovernmental Organizations, and Members States Worldwide.


From the onset of the Coronavirus crisis (COVID-19) in 2019, the entire aviation system was faced with the challenging task of striking the right balance between a global crisis affecting all sectors and the growing uncertainty of an aviation restart and recovery.


With this in view, the CART taskforce released ten Principles, twenty Recommendations and a Take Off Guidance Manual for safer air travel.  The Principles and Guidance Manual continue to assist the international community and aviation sector, in particular.


Once again, I was honoured to be part of this team, and would like to express my sincere gratitude to all Member States, Industry, Intergovernmental Organizations, and Civil Society for their contributions and collaborative efforts throughout this whole period.


Expectations as a Member of ICAO group on long-term global aspirational goal for international aviation (LTAG)

As a member involved in the ICAO group on LTAG, my expectation for the African Region is for solid groundwork to be done to achieve a successful and sustainable implementation of the LTAG, which would include States Action Plans and Roadmaps.


How Africa can further contribute to ICAO

Africa can further contribute to the international aviation community by creating awareness of the continent’s achievements; developing a robust capacity building program, which would include a strong succession plan for the next generation of young professionals; and actively participating in forums, such as the 41st ICAO General Assembly and other organized events at the regional level, which offer opportunities to revamp Africa’s image inside and outside of the continent.


Safety Regulations and Transport Liberalization: Trading Worldwide

Equatorial Guinea is one of the countries who promote Pan-Africanism throughout the continent, whenever it is possible, and support the AFI Plan initiative. Equatorial Guinea has made voluntary contributions to the ICAO/AFI training fund and is also considered a champion of showing initiative when it comes to the promotion of young professionals.

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