Airlink Adds Routes, Flights To Accommodate Customers

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Airlink has announced that it has added more routes and flights to its network and schedule. Many SA Express customers have experienced itinerary disruption and the airline has worked around the clock introduce additional flights to alleviate the inconvenience.

Up to forty-six additional flights daily have been introduced on various city pairs: Airlink’s first objective in response to SA Express’ request for assistance on 24th May was to fill the gap as far as possible to minimize disruption to customers. The consequence was that airlift capacity was emplaced at times that may not have suited the market.

Airlink has been studying and understanding demand on all the new routes with the objective of matching supply more closely with demand and ensuring that flight times are better suited to requirement. The result is a schedule that has evolved over the past days and is now more aligned with need.

The airline says “There will be more fine-tuning over the coming days as our knowledge improves, and with every adjustment to the schedule it is possible that some minor inconvenience may follow. Airlink apologizes for any disruption caused and assures customers of its absolute endeavors to ensuring the best possible service delivery in the circumstances.

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