Embraer Launches New Freighter Program

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Embraer says it has developed a program to convert pre-owned E190s and E195s from passenger jets to freighters in response to the explosive growth in e-commerce and increased demand for cargo capacity especially to smaller markets, with deliveries planned for 2024.

According to Embraer, rather than simple quick-change procedures in which seats are removed from passenger cabins, the E-Jet freighters have structural modifications. Overhead bins are removed, there are new smoke detection and fire suppression systems, the main deck floor is reinforced and has a cargo handling system, and there is a new forward cargo door.

The E-Jet freighters offers optimized loading configurations and cargo carriers can therefore maximize efficiency by better matching capacity to demand. The E-Jet freighters offer greater frequency and better operating economics in smaller markets than larger aircraft.


Combining under-floor bulk cargo and main deck, the maximum gross structural payload is 13,150kg for the E190F and 14,300kg for the E195F. Considering typical e-commerce cargo density and main deck configured with ULDs, the net weights and volumes are also impressive. Embraer reveals that the range and payload capacity of the E195F is similar to the B737-300SF (nearly 2,500 nm) yet the E195F burns less fuel, generates fewer emissions, and has lower maintenance and cash operating costs. According to Embraer, its E-Jet freighter conversion program is another example of an innovative solution to an emerging market opportunity. They are `bringing the concept of right-sizing to the cargo industry by tapping the gap between turboprop and larger narrow body freighters.


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